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Spell Weaving

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    September 8, 2020 5:55 PM PDT

    Ezreal mentioned it in the spell focus thread... but it should be its own topic.

    No mention of spell weaving anymore anywhere.  No spell weaving system by itself.  No spells that say they can be woven.  That was one of the primary damage dealing systems for a wizard and was one thing that made them unique from other casters.

    SPELL WEAVING: Wizards may discover scroll fragments connected to some of their core abilities. Once found, these fragments are scribed into the Wizard’s Living Codex and join with the core spell. Once joined, the markings become discernible and show the Wizard the secret of weaving these spells into successive, more powerful versions of themselves. In addition, Woven spells are instant cast and have no Mana cost.

     These spells that used to be instant cast and cost no mana were the thing that excited me most about the wizard class. 

     If spells no longer upgrade to instant cast/no mana and aren't able to be woven we have had a major, MAJOR nerf to the class compared to what we were told.  If there is no longer spell weaving that is a large blow to the classes individuality. 

    While I do mention in the spell focus thread that I do prefer the new version of cold focus over the old version of cold focus (assuming hate reducing spell atre available elsewhere)... im not a fan of having to watch a focus bar in general.  If the wizard is not only restricted by having to increase focus (which i have never been a fan of in any game...LotR runekeeper for example), but now weaving is removed, I might end up looking elsewhere.  Unsure if I will want to play this class. Spell weaving sounded fun.

    This lack of spell weaving seems to be a major hit if it indeed is removed from the game.  Is this going the way of colored mana? All hype and then discarded without any explanation?  Concerning.

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    September 11, 2020 4:26 PM PDT

    The Mastery System as recently shown in streams seems to contain some close similarity to the Spell Weaving system. My guess is that Spell Weaving has probably been folded in to Mastery, and dropped as a separate game mechanic.

    At first glance, I think that instant cast & no mana cost spells could easily be OP for a Wizard, at least if he had more than 1 or 2. But if they had some such spells in the agenda for Wizard, then I hope we see them emerge as upgrades from the Mastery System.

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    September 12, 2020 12:26 PM PDT

    If wizard isn't the best burst ranged damage class in the game they are balanced poorly.  My impression was that the spell weaving was going to make that possible.  Something being OP or not is all in how it is balanced.

    Being the best burst damage would, obviously, be balanced by them having low health, only wearing cloth armor etc.  We all should understand what a glass cannon is at this point in mmos.  There aren't any other damage based classes that will have such little defense potential (rightfully so).

    I'm hoping you are right in that the instant cast/no mana spells have been folded into the mastery system.  We haven't seen the wizard mastery to know if that is the case.

    It does seem like they should discuss the thought process behind some of these changes. 

    I did appreciate Joppa explaining the reasoning behind the change for the summoner being allowed to be an Archai for example.  This type of candid explanation is given much to infrequently and would go a long way to helping people understand the reasoning behind some of these decisions.  Sometimes it seems the changes aren't very well thought out.  Maybe they are and we just don't get the explanation?  Sometimes it seems like they are just planned poorly and are later swept under the rug never to be talked about again like colored mana.

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    February 13, 2021 3:58 PM PST

    I think they've just merged spell-weaving with mastery system. I agree with philo that wizards should be by far best damage dealers and I'd be very disapointed if it turned out that VR dropped spell-weaving completely.

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    February 13, 2021 9:10 PM PST

    Wizard has been one of my 'must play' classes since the start. Absolutely should be King of Damage. Spell weaving sounds great and I hope we get it.

    I've just been around enough projects - not programming, but other kinds - that I've gotten used to the process of how what you planned in the beginning is frequently only 'close' to what you wind up with at the end. I find life less frustrating when I succeed at managing my expectations (not that I always succeed).

    Hope for the greatest adventure of all time. Settle for a good game that lasts for many years. That's my gameplan.