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Pledge Upgrades

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    August 29, 2020 11:28 AM PDT


    At the start of Pantheon's announcement some time ago, I pledged at the $100 Leggate level. Today, I upgraded and donated another $300 and am at the Advisors Level. What I am curious about though, is if by upgrading, do you miss out on some of the items that I would have gotten with the lesser pledge? Or are both levels stored on your end, and folks that upgrade get all items? The Legate Tunic and bag might be kinda nice to have in addition to the Tunic of Ages, Ring of the Fallen, etc. 

    In the end, I'll be happy with whatever, was just curious how pledge upgrades worked.

    Can not wait to play. How long til Alpha? ;)



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    August 29, 2020 1:56 PM PDT

    The titles and in-game objects should all be added on to the new rewards you will get. You should confirm that by submitting the question on a ticket to the Support link at the top right of this page. They are quite friendly and helpful.