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Monster summoning

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    July 22, 2020 3:46 AM PDT

    Hi guys, 

    I started up a toon on Aradune server to work of the dust on my fingers... I started a mage... and I was looking through  the spell list and saw monster summoning... It is my hope that along with summoning elementals we will get to summon monsters of the appropriate level too... I think it would go along with are epic ability to summon a pet for the chanter... ofcourse this is not till scars of velious...

    I would like to actually be able to use a mob of our lvl and still have the epic ability too

    I think it would add a little spice to the mix....


    If this was talked about before... sorry =)

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    February 20, 2021 7:58 AM PST

    Hey Nytman, I have played a mage in EQ too for a very long time. I assume you mean the Summon Creature/Behemoth spell of the Summoner in comparison to the Monster Summoning line in EQ.

    Last one is very different - in EQ, the Monster Summoning line was introduced in Velious era and got several upgrades, but not each expansion. It summons a creature related to the zone you are in while casting the spell, but the creature does your bidding and obeys the exact same commands as your regular pet. Tank- and dpswise, it's somewhere between air pet and water pet.

    In Pantheon however, the Summon Creature (or Summon Behemoth with mastery iirc) works differently - the creature is hostile to you unlike its Everquest counterpart and an Enchanter needs to charm it ; if successfully charmed, the chanter will control the creature, not you.