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3 Questions and 1 Idea

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    May 17, 2020 7:37 PM PDT

    In one of the last videos Joppa says the think about change the Ranger.

    I have 3 Questions that Interest me


    Ranger can have 3 different Armor.Is this Ranger beginn with Cloth et lvl 10 the can have Leather and et lvl 30 light Mail and Mail is always the best Armor.

    Or you can play with Leather till LVL end?For me a Ranger in Leather is faster runnning climbing attack usw?Woud there some difference in fabric?for Exampel:

    I can make a good Amor in Light Mail Iron +10AC plus Entchantment +5 Agi,if i make the same good Armor in Mithril i get +15 AC +5Agi

    If i make this with deer Leather in get +5 AC+5 AGI an 1%haste,Yeti hide +5AC+5Agi+1 haste and 10% Cold resist,Salamander Leather +5AC+5Agi+1haste+10 fire resist,Dragon Amor 15 AC +5AGI+1haste+15magic resist

    I hope you understand what i wwant to ask,my english is not the best 


    In one video Joppa says to one player that hi shoud take this sword becouse it is the best in Game and so on.....

    Does that mean the best Weapon is a Sword and the is no equal weapon like Axe ,piercing in the Game?

    3)Is the damage of the Ranger Based on AGI and DEX or on STR?

    IDEA for Variety of Rangers

    PET but no Combat but Ability PET

    1)Pet make no damage and get no damage

    2)Pet can be find as puppys or eggs

    3)Puppys and Eggs can be trade or sell

    4)Pet at LVL 2 are not able to trade or sell

    5)3 Different Pet small can sit on your shoulder ,medium and big

    There abre pets you can train 1 Ability ore more 

    For example some Abilitys DOG:can taunt an kite 1 Opponent in circle or can attack from behind and bite in the foot so slow or you make a trap your dog taunt  the opponent he run away then jump over the trap and the opponent run in the trap

    PUMA can bite in the arm and disarm ,or attack feet with claws and lower Armor ,HAWK attack face and interrupt spell,Eagle attack face and blind you,Snake bite and lower poison resistant or make poison better ,Unicorn can heal ,you see there can be much different

    6)Big Pets can you ride at an special LVL ,Deer LVL 30 Tiger LVL 40 Unicorn LVL 50and so on

    7)Ranger can train Pets for Ride but the can not sell or trade them 

    8)If you live Town or your House you take 1 Pet you coud not change Pets ,only in special places like Gildhall Hause aso

    9)You can find special Pets,for example white Lion Puppy this can have speacial ability,magic beast has Pack Leather plus 1 Pet and so on

    10)Magic Beast are more rare than animal

    11)Named Mops ,exampe LVL 50 Black Pather called Shakira ,you can try to tame it when his health is under coud not sell or trade it,has same abilitiys like other Black Panther at LVL 50 but little more

    12)you can spend 3 Masterie Points to have 2 Pets with you ,2 small ,or medium and small ,or big and small 

    13)For each Pet you have to pay in your House per month ,small 5 Gold,medium 10 and big 30 for example

    14)Last Point and key point,your Pet can only follow you ,but when you want it in a fight you have to but his ability in your Hotbar like your own abilitys 

    I woud like to hear your Options and i hope you understand it ,takes me 1,5 hours to write this :-)

    Have FUN

    MfG Viennacowboy

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