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Dark Myr

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    February 29, 2020 7:59 AM PST
    Just a thought but if the only evil race that has the option to be an enchanter is the dark Myr should make for a significant demand until a level is reached where other continents become an option. I originally was not planning to play this race but am giving it considerable thought. Curious how the rest of the enchanter community is picking a race.
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    March 1, 2020 5:05 PM PST

    I dont know if it was ever mentioned, but is there a chance of some of the "good" races having "evil" outcasts living in other areas?  I seem to remember in EQ Humans and Gnomes(?) having a few starting options that dictated class options based on starting city.  What races would fit amongst Ogres, Skars, and Myr are really stretching my imagination but its not I think outside the realm of possibilities.

    Having said that, when I approcated my first Enchanter in EQ, I purposely chose Dark Elf because they seemed to be the worst off in terms of starting stats that augmented the Enchanters abilities.  So I started looking at Dark Myr like that.  If its true or not, no idea.  A secondary stat that an Enchanter would traditionally like might be a pretty big bonus the Dark Myr have.

    Really, its difficulty.  But Enchanters EXCEL at the most basic of the difficulty designs...we can be whoever we want to be.  Nothing quite beats convincing a guild mate you're really a gnome for weeks until the truth comes out.  Heh.

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