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very hopeful: cohh stream/dec stream

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    March 3, 2020 3:29 PM PST

    Fragile said:

    I should note: If Pantheon does lean towards the EQ side of the AC formula, then that will for sure cement me into stacking HP and whatever the 'threat generation' stat is.

    Let me ask you this Fragile... if PRotF does lean toward the EQ AC formula (as well as the hit/miss RNG), do you think any amount of HP stacking would matter on a warrior wearing mail (without disciplines)?  And speaking on the RNG hit/miss of EQ - what do you think about a class that requires deal melee dmg to heal itself in a system where the NPCs block/parry/dodge/riposte?

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    March 3, 2020 3:44 PM PST
    I don't think warriors have the correct tools to wear chain and stack HP. Plate armor and stack HP, yes.

    As far as the hit for HP heal, we have seen that +hit will be a stat, also shaman get a debuff that reduces mobs' avoidance chance. Those things factored in, you can still have bad RNG - but that's what longer CDs are for and why the healing attacks have a fairly short cooldown (15sec or less). The class would cease to function consistently if the attack CDs were too long.
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    March 3, 2020 5:43 PM PST

    I agree fragile, if the CD's were to long it wouldnt work, however whats to long? to long for group content? doubtful... what about a boss that in recent streams have waxed warriors before the healer can get a handle on it? what about raids where EVERY heal counts.   What i dont want to see is the DL needing 2 healers when other tanks only need one. that is going to cause a wide spread pandemic of the usual "this class can do it, but we can do it better and faster with this one" not saying this will be the case but im concerned, and IMO have a right to be. wile i do trust that VG will make tanks equal, if they are not at alpha/beta how long will it take? ive spent years dedicated this "this type of tank" only to feel the sting of unbalance.  and while this thing happens to every class throughout the time frame of the game.  it always seems to start and end with a tank that is trying to be to different. its a great idea dont get me wrong. thats what draws me to this class. however when a player chooses the endgame role (ie raiding, major boss fights) self healing (in my experience) has never been enough to secure a spot as MT. spike damage is a flawed system any group any raid any expereienced player will take the reliable over a tank that "could be better" just like monks in eq1 and eq2 (as well as sks) they were designed with avoidance and self healing they had basically had to give monks damage immunity for days to let them compete, they had to give sk's plate. sk's were underpowered for the longest time, then they buffed them and were OP, then after what 3-4 years they were somewhat balanced? its just a scary scenario that i am hoping to avoid. as ive stated i think the DL will be great for exp groups dungeon crawls. but named/raids and high damage mobs will eventually cause this class to be a last resort as usual.  as ive always stated i hope and pray that i am wrong and only time will tell but these are my personal concerns and the wheel has not been reinnevted so until we can see a major boss/raid mob with a DL tanking we'll never know.. (not to mention its still alpha and things will change) personally im waiting for the summoner reveal because if this class doesnt work out thats my only other backup until they balance.  If the DL were classified as strictly an OT (backup) tank that would be one thing but its not. and shouldnt be. and I would move on from this class accordingly.. it was stated that all tanks would be able to fill the same role just in different ways.. if they CAN fill that role great, if not well how long will it take to correct.

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    March 3, 2020 6:05 PM PST
    Just depends how big the mitigation gap is, on a round of attacks from a boss. If the boss hits a warrior for 1k and a DL for 1300, that really won't matter that much. It definitely adds up over time, but it doesn't justify only using a Warrior (especially when the DL is healing for more than the mitigation difference). Keep in mind this is hypothetical and not using mitigation abilities ie Shield Block.
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    March 3, 2020 6:29 PM PST

    True, and well said fragile. time will tell and its all just chasing smoke atm.  like i was saying in the earlier post the mitigation seems decent with the two streams i linked granted the one saicred was wearing is obviously test gear but has a notation for warrior. and by those standards i think the DL will be ok, but again just speculation at this point.  i really hope my concerns are later looked at as unjust and i look stupid upon release but hopefully our concerns as a community at least spark a interest in testing for those who are able (when they are able) to put these concerns to the test and to rest.

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    March 3, 2020 6:37 PM PST
    Yeah, it all comes back to testing, testing, and feedback. One