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    May 5, 2021 8:51 PM PDT

    Leevolen said:

    Based on what has been hinted at so far, nighttime could be what keeps paladins in the same conversation as warriors and dire lords when groups are looking for a tank. Other additions could help too, such as undead versions of NPCs having a chance to pop out of the living versions upon death. EQ had NPCs that functioned in this way—Sir Lucan, Varsoon, Scorn Banshees/Thought Destroyers, etc. Even more interesting though would be if there was a chance of an undead version spawning throughout the duration of the corpse timer. It would get old if each and every living NPC did this of course, but having it extend beyond more than a few nameds would go a long way.

    Maybe just a very low % chance, like a 2-3% moving up to 5-10% at night? I have to admit, that does sound pretty cool.

    And you're right, EQ did have some that worked that way but the vast majority of those did so as a function of a quest. I guess I meant more along the lines of entire zones dedicated to undead. EQ had that, but not in any heavy manner as the game progressed. I rather liked having those zones through the first couple expansions because it made the field more level in the sense that if you TRULY wanted to solo, every class had the opportunity if they used their skills right with the only real exception being warriors. Losing the prevalence of those zones relegated paladins to basically being on the same level as warriors, only without all the fancy mitigation tricks. Tbh, that's why I very likely will go warrior - aside from the fact that at present they are limiting paladins to just humans and dwarves. I just really like the look of the Archai.

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