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hypothetical next DL stream

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    December 28, 2019 4:41 PM PST

    IF/WHEN they do another DL stream, what would you be interested in them showing?


    Personally, i would appreciate a skill/ability view kind of like leksur did (to show block,dodge) the passive skills. i know it was shown before but that was a while ago and hopefully they have updated it since) if the skills arent up do date i'd prefer not seeing it however.

    secondly i would like to see a raid boss tanked (not holding my breathe heheh, i know its early development so wouldnt be dissapointed)

    I would like to see cohh play the DL or leksur (leksur at least to me. has the DL mentality that i have :P)

    i'd have to say most importantly while im thinking about it is level appropriate gear ( or the gear Cohh had at end of stream and saicred (DL wearable had for the stream on the 23)) while tanking blue/white/yellow mobs.

    not sure if cohh was running it. but leksur stated that the magic ressist buff didnt seem very noticable (that being DL's bread and butter) id hope to see a comparison of with and without that magic ressist buff.

    Another thing i would be grateful to see is a difference between duel wield tanking and 2hs tanking. 

    last but not least and possibly most important i would like to see (hear) brasse!!!!


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    December 29, 2019 7:20 AM PST

    More than anything I would like to hear Joppa (Chris Perkins) dive into his vision for inter-tank balance. I understand DLs are to have an edge on tanking magic users, Paladins have anti-undead supremacy, and warriors have physical mitigation prowess. This seems like a great scheme for having all tanks be viable and necessary in raids, but I'm curious as to how this will or will not affect group play. Will there be inherent scalability of mechanics that can be balanced to keep everything roughly in check (e.g. DL self-healing scaling better in smaller encounters)?

    It does not seem clear to me whether or not the age old problem of only wanting one tank (or one healer for that matter) has been solved. It's not an easy nut to crack without implementing boring, unbalanced, or costly (dev time) solutions, but if Joppa has a plan for this then I would enjoy hearing about it.

    I would also kinda like to see if snare kiting is possible using the DL's mark (the one that builds hate exponentially with time), snaring the mob, then having the DL run in circles while everyone else kills the mob.

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    December 29, 2019 8:36 AM PST

    I think we have already been quite generously dipped into DL streams, and I think Paladins would like a good PoV stream with advanced features.


    That said, it doesn't mean the DL shouldn't have a "nearly complete" stream also showing some more advanced armor types (the plate one beeing gorgeous, one can only hope to have one as good as theses), and I agree I would like to see some comparative streams of DL and other tanks ability to perform in some situations, including strong and weak ones.


    I also would like to see how a DL would perform as an offtank in a situation he does use diremark and his self healings to ease on the other tank's damage taken, as for now we have had numerous two tank scenarios but in none of theses both tank seemed usefull for anything. This point in particular is crucial to me since I am not yet set on what I would play with my beloved but the two tank scenario showed up and depending on how two tanks can interact with each other in a group, I fear it might just be considered by players as a dead weight.

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    December 29, 2019 4:00 PM PST

    @ mauvaisoeil perhaps. though warrior has more exposure than both DL and Paladin. while i see paladin getting a bit more exposure, this was just "IF" they show another stream featuring the DL or another stream where you can see if from every class scenario..  as far as the duel tanking goes i completly agree with you. im assuming you mean in a raid setting but either way, two tanks in an exp/dungeon crawl group IMO is stupid, its not gonna happen unless your forced to.  as far as raid settings go i do think in certain situations multi tanks are acceptable. 


    @ainadak I agree it would be fantastic to hear "from the horses mouth" sorry jappa) how exactly the scaling would work on the tanks, i kinda of see it opposite however i see DL's being fairly balanced for group content but raids and endgame hard bosses i see them falling flat on their face (this is just my own feelings i have nothing to back it up) i really hope i am wrong though. only time will tell and unfortunatly there is a long way to go before we can find out for ourselves


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    December 29, 2019 8:42 PM PST

    I wasn't talking in a raid setup no. We've seen numerous streams where two tanks were present and up to now, it was never usefull or justified in any kind, and I'm wondering if it was just to present progress made into classes or if groups would be more flexible than the usual "one tank one heal one control and fill with damage dealers". We've also seen groups with two healers present, and while it looked more usefull for heavy damaging fights, it's not fair either.

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    January 2, 2020 3:13 PM PST

    I agree, in a group setting no group is going to want 2 tanks, its not going to happen. and most groups arent gonig to want 2 healers why wouldnt you want extra DPS to speed up the process? I am sure it was either to "present progress made" or they just said play what you want and we'll roll with it.. i would like to see a 1 tank 1 healer and dps (CC i would like to see with and without, to show that its not a REQUIREMENT, but extreamly helpful) and also i know its been shown before but i noticed a few posts about CC and only enchanter filling that role, which i understand for the new people but many many classes have a type of CC just may be not as direct or noticable IE monks FD or rougues mez-ish-type thing, or clerics wall, roots etc.  but in whole i agree 1 tank 1 healer and fill the rest with dps and or 1 CC  two tanks makes no sense and 2 healers seems boring imo. yes the tank "should" never be in danger but its not realistic in a scenerio where your actually playing the game (in an EXP group setting, raids and gear hunting may differ)