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Enchanter Related Burning Questions

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    October 31, 2019 4:13 PM PDT

    With how frequent these video-newsletters are going to be from here on out and with the possibility of each of them having a 'burning questions' segment, I figured I'd make a centralized post for other people to post their questions regarding the class in hopes that question is picked from the list. The format works like this.

    ■ I will post a list below this introduction which will be populated and continually updated with each question or questions asked by each of you as well as your name being posted with said question.

    ■ A developer or Chris himself may read from the list and pick out one or more that he or whomever wishes to answer.

    ■ Once a question is answered in a related 'Burning-Questions' segment, I will mark it in blue and change the '►' into a '√' and post the response below it with the name of the developer who responded to that question so people may reference it.




    ► Seeing as the Wizard for instance uses Strength, Wisdom and Dexterity for their spell lines, could you tell us if Enchanters will use stats for their spells outside of Intelligence, Charisma and Constitution?

    └ Janus 10/31/19

    ► Will Enchanter Buffs also work off the coefficients from stats like Mez, our Nuke and other detrimental spells do with the soft-specialization system? And if so, how will you handle the issue with gear swapping merely for the stats to get the most out of the performance on a buff? Would a redesign to the buffing system that plays off a continual check to your stats every 6 seconds be warranted?

    └ Janus 10/31/19

    ► We see Enchanters running around with a sword and shield. Is this an issue with Pre-Alpha itemization or will Enchanters make actual use of either swords or shields? 

    └ Janus 10/31/19


    ► Why are there two versions of the Summoner's 'Summon Creature' spell that operate on different power curves? Does this mean mobs in the world will have disparate power structures? Why would an Enchanter choose one of these creatures over say choosing any number of creatures in the vicinity, especially if they have a chance to permanently charm them?

    └ Janus 10/31/19

    ► Could you tell us the thought process on the spell 'Illusion Graft: Harm'? Is it a Mesmerize with a DoT component and if so, could you shed some light on the purpose of this spell? Also, how would this not be used as a method to solo without risk even if less efficient than other methods?

    └ Janus 10/31/19

    ► Will 'Ghaven's Wild Display' have succession lines and if so, would they have independent recast timers like the PBAE stuns in EQ? If so, how do you plan to handle the emergeance of AE Groups which took advantage of being able to permanently stun dozens of mobs as they are AE'd for an extremely efficient and fairly overpowered method of experience gain?

    └ Janus 10/31/19

    ► The spell 'Shock and Awe' is a relatively new mechanic for these types of MMORPGs. Could you shed light on the process and how it works in contrast to say the Charm line?

    └ Janus 10/31/19

    ► The spell 'Inside Voice' allows your target to resist your charm abilities less the longer they are under the effect of a mesmerize spell. Could you shed some light as to the reasoning behind this? Does the effect only count for the initial cast or is it maintained during the charm checks for the duration of the charm? Would recasting mez allow one to say, get to the lowest possible resistance level with enough time?

    └ Janus 10/31/19

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    November 8, 2019 8:37 AM PST

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