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Shaman Class Burning Questions...

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    September 26, 2019 11:21 AM PDT

    As we saw in the last Newsletter, they had a section on 'Burning Questions'.  What questions might we, as Shaman players, want to ask of them were they to repeat that again?

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    September 26, 2019 11:24 AM PDT

    My question would be:

    When it comes to buffs, what is your intention for buff progression?  Start with the single-target, single stat buff then switch to a group target, single stat to then see later on see single-target, multi-stat and finally group target, multi-stat?

    How do you determine the appropriate duration of a buff and as we level can we expect these durations to increase?

    Will a buff that, say, gives +5 strength at level 5 (when we first get the spell) automatically increase in strength to +6 at level 6?  To then +7 at level 7 much like we saw with buffs in EQ1?

    What is your reasoning for giving the Shaman only HoTs?

    What is your reasoning for only allowing 1 HoT to be active on a target at one time, this puts a severly low DPS cap on our healing capabilities.


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    October 14, 2019 5:09 PM PDT

    I'd have this question for all classes in regard to all beneficial buffs and durations.  I am hoping for a mechanic more akin to EQ2 that used "concentration".  A character had X number of concentration slots, and some spells required X amount of concentration to maintain the spell.  i.e. an Enchanter may have 5 concentration slots, single target buffs like haste or clarity may cost 1 conc, while group buffs cost 3 conc, but charm cost 3 conc as well so you wouldn't be able to symultaneously charm AND buff a whole group.. but there would be a "toggle" for the buffs instead of an actual "duration" (so if you absolutely needed to drop the group buff to charm you could).

    So to summarize my burning question - what is the idea behind the buff mechanics?  (Annoying waste of time and mana for 5 mins every 25 mins like EQ1, or a seperate resource like EQ2)

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    November 2, 2019 6:47 PM PDT

    Are we going to get a decent rezz that doesn't require us to be dead to use it?

    Part the Veil

    You guide the spirit of a fallen ally back to their physical body, restoring them to life. Causes Resurrection Sickness. Cannot use this ability while in combat.

    Using this ability while "Agewalker's Gift"  is active will restore the fallen ally to life with full Health and Mana and is usable in combat. When used in this way, this ability will not cause Resurrection Sickness.

    Agewalker's Gift

    Passive Ability. Upon death,  you will enter an ethereal state for X duration before returning to your bind location. While in this state, you are undetectable to your enemies. Also, you may interact with your physical corpse by dragging it to a different location within X meters of where you died. When this effect ends, your Defensive target will regain x% of their Max Health and Mana. You cannot drag the corpses of other players while in this state. You may use Part the Veil while in this state.

    I know they want rezz to be different between the three healer classes. However this having to be "dead" to get a good rezz is just stupid to me. Shamans can not restore lost experience as it is now. So that in itself give clerics a much greater likability when it comes to getting rezzed.

    With that said I'd personally prefer the druid's 

    Hirode's Chrysalis

    You ask Hirode to plant a mystical seed within your ally. When this ally takes damage that would kill them, this seed prevents their death and blooms into a protective chrysalis. While inside the chrysalis, target cannot be damaged and will emerge with X% of their Max Health and Mana restored.

    over this junk of having to be dead ourself in order for the one rezz we get to be any good.  

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    December 26, 2019 12:33 PM PST

    So during the Dec 23 stream, where the group was Warrior, Cleric, Shaman, Wizard, Rogue, Enchanter, the group had several instances where the tank died and/or the cleric died.  And because the group was in combat the Shaman could not rez (as the Shaman was not dead).  This has been a huge issue for me with the Shaman class since I first learne of this in-combat resurrection restriction the Shaman has yet the Cleric does not.  So in the stream I specifially pointed out,in chat, that the group would not have wiped if the Shaman could rez in combat and asked Joppa directly about this design choice.  I was very relieved when Joppa stated, quite emphatically, that he was not happy with the resurrection situation of the Shaman and it would be revisited.  Hopefully we will see the Shaman able to rez while in combat and not first need to be dead in order to do that.

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    July 22, 2022 2:39 PM PDT
    Haven't payed attention in awhile but in the earlier streams it seemed some of debuffs and slow had a DoT component it. Did my eyes deceive me? Was this some form of the spell modification system pantheon uses where I could remove the DoT aspect in some group situations?

    I'm only asking due to some group comps. During EQ I would always debuff magic resistance and slow any mezzed adds. This would lower the chance of mez resisting with the magic debuff. Slow was a great agro ability, if mez was broken or wore off the mob would usually agro onto me instead of the enchanter or healer. When I was lucky enough to have a main healer in the group I would slow the adds multiple times (while mezzed or rooted to put me on top of the agro list
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    July 22, 2022 2:44 PM PDT
    Bleh, hit post by accident and see no edit function when using a cell phone.

    Druids and Clerics had big heals that drew alot of agro on parked adds. This allowed me to take the damage instead of the healer if a cc spell wore off or was broken.

    Would shamans still be able to do this? DoT component would break mez and has a slight chance of breaking root since it's damage.