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Burning questions

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    September 21, 2019 8:04 AM PDT

    So we have a new explanation in the newslettter "burning question" witch is kinda awsome =)

    so perhaps we can apply some concern or questionmarks from all.

    ok i wont be bitching about heal or rez blabla

    one thing i am wondering about thou is how the summoning of calestial tome works will it appear in my inventory or must i have it in my weapon slot or sheild slot to be working "thus losing that slot just to wear a musty tome. strange buff if i must lose a equipment  slot to have the benifit of it just saying ??

    Arching luminence would be interesting to know how it is going to arch like most wounded,closest,random ?





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    December 11, 2019 6:53 AM PST

    Another short and somewhat fun spell question 

    Eko's Purifying Bolt heals your comrade and hurts the undead but plz say that there is other ways to cure poison/dieasease other then finding and hunting undeads 

    otherwise like the concept on offensive/healing in one spells more of that perhaps ><