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The Silent King

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    May 1, 2019 6:46 PM PDT

    Do,  you know

    a way to survive


    Do you know

    a way you can thrive


    Perhaps, perhaps

    but what is the cost


    For us, a life,

    where half has been lost




    A king, with much

    A king without


    One listened

    The other would tout


    A gift of peace

    Or eternity


    Our king, chose wrong

    and damned were we




    In, ten years

    our lives would end


    A curse none

    could seem to mend


    Save, a youth

    of Marthus' line


    Lyone, her trick

    of flawless design




    Your laugh, your laugh

    is all I ask for


    You shall fall
    silent evermore


    Agreed, said he

    but damned he would be


    The king, the wraith,

    now stands silently