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Mez and DoTs

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    June 23, 2019 10:44 AM PDT

    if only chanty cast Dots so its not possible to mezz or charm

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    July 3, 2019 11:12 AM PDT

    I want to play this game for the memories I had when EQ first came out. Mez breaks and all. It is how we learned to not just play our characters, but how to become really good at them. Just like we did back then, I would say something to the DoT'er. If it happens again, just let it attack the person that keeps doing the wrong thing. They will learn and it added a little excitement to the game. I would be afraid of creatting too many rules that bring down the ability to learn and grow in your characters. If you get into a DoTing group, just don't use mez as much and use one or two of the other many many tools we Enchanters have. Learn your character by sometimes playing outside of your comfort zone. 

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    July 9, 2019 11:49 AM PDT

    EppE said: 

    Yes Charm was an option. This may be more than just a "DoT's suck with mez" and come down to that the classes that used DoTs weren't good enough to warrant the extra effort of working around DoTs. SK's were good tanks, but in most cases a Paladin was better. Necro's weren't bad DPS... but in most cases every other DPS class was better in a group than them. This meant that I, as an Enchanter, had no upside to "dealing" with these issues that a DoT class brought to the group. They weren't good enough to jusitfy a work around.


    If DoT classes are even slightly behind any other class on DPS, possibly even if on par, they aren't going to be desired in some cases because the extra effort of working around the DoT for an Enchanter isn't worth the benefit of having that class.


    This all goes back to if they are too much of a PITA, which in EQ was a huge case, we'll just stop inviting them. 

    Unfortunately my experience was similar here to EppE's. While I enjoyed a necro in the group, we typically had them solo kite an add around until we were ready for it and I mezzed the rest. by the time we got to it, it was 40-60% health and dropped fast anyway. My roommate in college was a Time geared SK back when that was and we never had issues grouping with him as MT. So I tend to lean towards playing the class effectively, in all cases, and making your decisions about who to group with based on their skill. I didn't ostracize a particular class, but I most definitely could give you some names of players you didn't necessarily want to group with back on Bertox. Hell, a few of them I can still name...and will be looking for those names in Pantheon..... ;-)



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