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Gnome Resistance!

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    April 24, 2019 7:52 AM PDT

    Punny title...because they were a resistance and then the Resivore was...nevermind.

    So the team at VR has probably decided what racial bonuses gnomes will have but let's talk about it anyway because... gnomes are great.

    I think the most natrual choice is energy resistance. Perhaps fire, lightning, arcane. I leave cold off because cold is the opposite of energy...but if the cold is magically induced, maybe we can throw it on? At any rate, the Maq'esh seems to absorb a lot.

    Would you like your Gnome to be energy (and cold?) resistant?  To what should he/she be resistant?

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    April 24, 2019 8:15 AM PDT

    I honestly hope they can find something more unique than things like resistance modifiers. If thats the case, might as well not pay attention to racials at all. I would rather see something like If you are a Gnome rogue instead of a normal backstab you do a 100 quick little stabs for roughly the same damage. Keep in mind its the action thats changes not the ability or its damage. Where this might help slightly on aggro positvely or negativley its would give the people a 'want' to play the Gnome rogue over others becuase they prefer the tiny hits over a big backstab etc. This was just an example and im not suggesting VR go ahead with this idea, but my point is something with a little more flare.

    Edit: Adding another idea.

    Again, lets say you choose Gnome rogue, and use the rope ability, what if the gnomes passive racial was that they use the tether from their own bodies to ascend walls or w/e. Throw the word Ethereal in there somewhere, you get my idea, right?

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