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Spell ideas!

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    April 20, 2019 6:18 AM PDT

    What kind of spells you'd like to see? What do you think of other peron ideas? Theoretize! Maybe some of our ideas reach or inspire devs!


    1) Surespell - selfbuff - Skills being cast cannot be interrupted by enemy attacks for x sec.

    2) Manabomb  - you attach mana orb to the enemy wich grows as the time passes. You can detonate it anytime with the damage growing the longer it was active. If the enemy dies before you detonate it, it will attach to the next enemy if any is within x m radius or it will return accumulated mana to you.

    3) Disruption shield - Surround yourself with arcane forces, disrupting any attempts to harm you and instead generating mana. If your mana is brought too high by the shield, it will de-activate and the chain reaction will release a deadly arcane storm around you dealing 10% of the damage absorbed over the  duration , up to a maximum total damage of x .While the arcane storm rages, you also gain arcane resistance. Only usable when below 25% mana.

    4) Arcane Avatar - Fill yourself with arcane forces, completely surrounding your body for a duration. While active, you can only cast arcane spells, your cooldown for them is divided by 3, your arcane damage is increased by 25%, your Disruption Shield can be used at any time, and your maximum mana is increased by 33%.

    5) Metaflow - (Epic) Your mastery of the arcane flows allow you to reset the cooldown of your spells.

    6)Arcane shield - Surround yourself with protective arcane forces. Each time you receive a direct heal (not a life regeneration effect), you automatically get a damage shield that is proportional to the heal value for x sec. This will replace an existing damage shield if the new shield value and duration would be greater than or equal to the old.

    7) Arcane reconstruction - Imbues your body with arcane forces, reconstructing it to a default state, healing for x life.

    8) Aegis - Release arcane energies into any magical shield currently protecting you, further charging it by x% of its max absorb value.

    9) Shielding - (passive) - Every shield type affecting you has its power increased by x%and it also increases the duration of all shields by x sec.

    10) Barrier - you surround yourself and all allies in radius in a protective bubble that deflects any projectiles (both physical and magical) for x sec. Spell weaved version would return projectiles to attackers.

    11) Mana Clash -  The caster expels a large amount of mana in direct opposition to enemy spellcasters, who are drained of mana and suffer damage proportional to the amount of mana they lost.

    12) Ice Statue/Obelisc - (Epic) You create pillar emanating with terrifying cold for a duration with high chance of freezing nearby enemies with every pulse.

    13) Flaming/Frozen Weapons - imbue your party weapons with elements


    I would also love some gravitational magic - ability to make flying enemies land, ground enemies to levitate, scattered pack to be pulled to the spells centre. More channeled and charged spells would be welcomed as well. 

    In addition I'd love to see some environmental obstacles like frozen doors that needs to be treated by fire spells, firewalls that needs to be treated by ice/water abilities, some ancient mechanisms that need arcane energy to be powered up!

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    April 20, 2019 9:07 PM PDT

    Chain Lightning: Lightning strikes one target then bounces to nearby targets, also everytime it is cast John Travolta can be heard through the entire zone yelling "Ooooohhhh Greased Lightning!"

    I think any buff like invis or levitate or anything should only be able to be cast on the wizard, but provides an aoe field that others can use, that way folks don't just run off and split the group as the poor wizard is there casting buff after buff, if you leave the wizard behind, good luck, it's all on you.