Kaedryn Keep


    “Heart of Valor”

    Type: Military Fortress

    Location: Kingsreach

    Creators: Briggaens


    “As long as Kaedryn Keep stands, the King of Triundia shall reign.” – Knight Lord Bardrick of the Knights of Triundia




    Built in 125 A.C., Kaedryn Keep is a Briggaen fortification that has stood at the heart of Kingsreach for over a century. Named after the great King Kaedryn the 3rd, the keep is home to the legendary valorous Knights of Triundia. It has withstood attacks from hordes of undead, ogre clans and even dragons. This has given the keep a reputation for being impregnable. The secret behind its might rests with the Briggaen alliances. Dwarven engineers from Strontia built the keep in honor of King Kaedryn. The very stone it is built from was cut from the enchanted Strontian Mountains and arduously transported to Kingsreach. But there is more to the keep than meets the eye. Carved into the mount it rests upon is a vast network of chambers and escape tunnels that give the Knights of Triundia many options to their offensive and defensive tactics. Over a century and a half later, Kaedryn Keep remains as mighty as ever and is truly the heart of valor within the Kingdom of Triundia.


    “Enchanted Etryan armor and dwarven stone, the Briggs greatest defense is their allies.” – Kabulus, Dragon of Skyfen, Lord of Drakes