Roundtable 4 Archive Available, Brad's New Blog

  • Last night's roundtable focused on Combat Mechanics. How will combat work in Pantheon? How does targeting work? Will there be templates, and how many skills can you use? All this and more was discussed with the Pantheon Community in Roundtable 4. The archive is available on YouTube.


    Brad's been talking with the community too, on a variety of subjects. One of the most controversial subjects in any MMO is that of MUDflation and economy. How does it affect twinking? Should there be artificial limits? Explore Brad's thoughts on the issue in his latest blog post, Twinking... good or evil, or in-between?

  • Sogotp
    Sogotp wow.. quick on the archiving!! Hope this gets a lot of attetnion from backers and those curious about the project
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  • Dosi
    Dosi Very nice thank you
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  • Killian
    Killian Thanks for getting the round table up so quickly, and always excited for another blog update from Brad! Good stuff today!
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