The Taurokian - Now a Playable Race

  • Earlier this month you may remember our creature feature on the Taurokian. Big, undead, minotaur-like creatures? Yes, that's them. Well they aren't ALL undead. And in fact, we're excited to announce that the mortal Taurokian is now a planned playable race in Pantheon.


    Taurokian (Mortal)

    “Frenzied Fighters”
    Origin World: Gruundark
    Current Homeland: Marata
    Pantheon: Maratan
    Language: Taurokian

    Once eradicated from the world of Terminus, the taurokians have returned. With the coming of new planar collisions, fragments of their world have carried more taurokians to the world of worlds. Massively muscled humanoids with the powerful horned heads of bulls; these beast-men are powerful combatants, easily challenging the ogres on the world of Gruundark for supremacy. Their martial prowess originated from their culture that was steeped in brutal warfare and ritualistic dark arts. They learned to master the secrets of steel and iron, forging some of the finest armor and weapons ever wielded on Terminus. The taurokian warriors are known for their strength, speed and frenzied charging ability that they would often use to gore large formations of troops. Filled with boastful pride and quick tempers, the minotaur race are always a threat to even themselves. Like a bull in a china shop, the taurokians propelled themselves through life in a chaotic and unyielding fashion, never relenting until death. All taurokians have a fierce hatred for their ancient nemesis, the ogres, but a new foe has come to rival this. The Briggaen forces of Kingsreach are seen as the destroyers of the first taurokians on Terminus and have earned the eternal hatred of the entire taurokian race.


    On the planet Gruundark, the Taurokian Empire had taken the upper hand in an age-old war with the ogres after the mysterious disappearance of the opposition’s strongest clans. With annihilation of the ogre race on Gruundark assured, another wave of planar collisions claimed a fragment of the Taurokian Empire and delivered more minotaurs to Terminus. Discovering that a fraction of their kin had preceded them to the strange new world, they set about to find them. Oranthel soon encountered these newcomers and revealed to them the demise of their brethren at the hands of the Briggaens. The new taurokians found new rage in the existence of the Briggaens and a new ally in the god-king Oranthel. Given a new home within the land of Marata, the armies of the taurokians now act as a powerful arm within the resurrection of the Maratan Empire, even acting as the primary blacksmiths to the Maratan Army. While they hope to crush the ogre clans of Terminus, their priority now is the fall of the Briggaens, a desire shared by their new ruler, Oranthel. Although they arrived with no pantheon of their own, they were pleased to discover the current Maratan regime praises dark gods similar to there own.

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