The Celestial Warstaff

  • Class: Weapon

    Origin: Celestial Empire

    Age: Unknown (Before Collisions)

    Rarity: Ultra-Rare


    In the eras before known time, the eras Before Collisions, there were created weapons imbued with planar forces that could only be wielded by mythical knights of a long dead empire. The weapons were known as Warstaves and their formidable owners were the WarWizards of the Celestial Empire. Like those that held them, these weapons were unique and forged in arcane disciplines. The warstaff was made for an army of knights who were rumored to have marched against divine realms. Trained in martial disciplines that made them both supreme sorcerers and champion warriors, these knights had the power to stand against deities and demigods. This was made possible through the Celestial Warstaff that made it possible to harness the power of the gods and use it to topple the heavens.


    “The forces that forged this existence shall also forge our instruments of destruction.” – Emperor Vitus the Brave of the Celestial Empire


    Eons passed and the universe of the Celestial Empire was destroyed, eradicating all known life within it. What came next was an era of darkness that was followed by the first Planar Collisions and the rebirth of Terminus. Buried deep beneath the new scars of the landscape were the echoes of the lost eras. There within sunken ruins are rumored to rest the artifacts and secrets of the Celestial Empire. Among those ancient treasures are the last of the powerful Celestial Warstaves. But the power of the divine realms is more than any mere mortal could hope to contain and any who dare try shall be ripped asunder. Ancient records within the great libraries of Celestius have told of those unfortunate enough to discover this and meet their grisly fates. And what of the ancient artifacts they found? Where are these mythical weapons if the tales recorded are true? Many have tried to answer such things. From god-kings to heroes, many have quested for a Celestial Warstaff and all have failed.


    “If it was not by our own might or that of our flock, then who or what repelled Oranthel’s horde and the god of warfare himself?” – Ulenicus of the Trinariad


    There is a poem of sheer nonsense that has been passed down from bards of the Martial Era that references a “cutjuggle twigshiver” of godly might. Wielded by one of “rusted touch” this ultimate weapon is said to have put an end to the “march of heaving hoovers” and “conquest of gundyrgods.” With these words intended to entertain groggy patrons also comes the seeds for new quests for the mythical Celestial Warstaff.


    “A few more tankards of Gruungrog and I will be ‘heaving’ my ‘hoovers’.” – Bierl Brawndusk of Strontia