Two New Contests at K-TAM and Project Pantheon

  • Hail Terminusians!


    We have an important announcement regarding two of our fellow sites… K-TAM and Project Pantheon! Both sites are holding some exciting contests this week so we didn't want you to miss the opportunity!


    Project Pantheon is holding a Bracket Challenge with some awesome Pantheon prizes for grabs, including the coveted Oranthel's Strong Box of Power. Check out the contest page at Project Pantheon to get in on the action.


    Secondly, the mighty K-TAM Radio is celebrating its first anniversary this Friday. Happy birthday K-TAM!


    K-TAM’s First Year Anniversary on air is this Friday. Join the K-TAM Krew as they entertain the community and deliver memories from one year of rock and gaming. Pantheon community, help K-TAM celebrate and join or listen in this Friday!


    From 12 PST to 9PST K-TAM will keep the requests going and do some open line chat about your experiences with K-TAM and what it has done for you. What has the last year been like, and how can K-TAM move forward to be even better for you the listener? There are even a few giveaways so tune in at and join the mumble server at port 4811.


    And special just for all you Pantheon members… it’s time to claim a piece of Terminus! That’s right! We’ve given away an isle already, but this Friday tune into K-TAM’s Birthday Show and you just might win an isle off the coast of Kingsreach named after you. We will be holding a contest throughout the day so have your Pantheon thinking toques on!