The Triundan Calendar

  • This is a collection of information that has been compiled by the Research and Standards department at the Athenaeum of Arcane Studies and Auxiliaries in Archway, Kingsreach Isle.


    In an attempt to bring some resemblance of unity to this miscellany world, these standards have been adopted by most trading civilizations of Celestius. This guide will include aspects of the standard Triundan Celestius Calendar. Thus the information included here should be distributed to every Faithful and Nihilist for their Terminus education and adaptation.


    Triundan Celestius Calendar Days


    Solynsul - This first day of the week is typically a day used for rest and the worship of many Pantheons. Very few people do any kind of work as many businesses are closed. Though priests, guards, and thieves are the exceptions.


    Nemysul - Most notable part of this day is the gloomy undertones as many return to daily routine and work.


    Bloodsul - Named after the smallest moon of Terminus. It has become the tradition of many cultures to spend this day drinking their favorite crimson ale (or Halfling berry juice) and telling tales of ancient battles.


    Scarsul - Originally called Nexusul, this day had its name officially changed after many people began to compare getting through it as; “like trudging through the stench of Scar.” This is due largely to Scarsul being the official waste disposal day in Archway where rubbish is incinerated by natural and arcane means, an act that fills the day with a stench many boast is equal to that of a global wasteland.


    Thundersul - Most major storms and disasters seemed to occur on this day. Conspiracy theories run rampant. Also many deities involving storms, weather, water, or other such related subjects are worshipped on this day.


    Samysul - Marking the end of most work weeks, this day is often spent listening to music at the local amphitheater, playing games at the local pub, or engaging in other enjoyable activities.


    Risesul - Final day of the week. Many families gather together to remember those who have passed on and risen from this life into the next.


    Triundan Celestius Calendar Months


    Dawnraes - The twin suns, Nemys and Solyn, cross paths in a brilliant display of light, signaling a new year. Grand festivities are held in hopes that the new year brings peace and prosperity to all of Terminus.


    Loreraes - This month is known for a holiday of sharing tales. A common tradition among the Triundans is to gather around and share odysseys of romantic and chivalrous nature.


    Greenraes - The grass turns greenest here, in Kingsreach at least, which is where this month got its name. Rumors do abound about the name originating from a freak accident involving green goblin ale and the surrounding bay.


    Cloudraes - Large cloud formations and rain dominate the sky. Loud storms are not uncommon because of this. Some cultures claim it is a time of punishment from the gods and have made this a time of penance.


    Midwar - This was the traditional month of remembrance for all the Briggaen soldiers and citizens that perished in Era’s past. Over the years, the ritual of remembrance has been adopted by most other cultures, including the brutish Ogres.


    Midseed - Daylight is longest here, so this was traditionally a month filled with lots of toiling in the fields. Consumption of a Halfling drink made from the sour yellow fruit, Goldenberries, is quite common during the hottest time of these long days.


    Midsun - Known as the first record of Planar Collisions, this month usually holds vibrant celebrations of arcane arts. More than a few homesteads have been charred by the misuse of magic.


    Midchill - Being in the middle of the main harvest season, this month is known for its ceremonies honoring nature deities in hopes of an abundant crop. Preparations are also made in anticipation of the colder weather.


    Windfael - The very cold winds from Icehammer descend on the southern reaches, ushering in a time of snow and ice. Much of the vegetation lies dormant until the warmer weather returns.


    Skullfael - Many wish they could skip this month in Terminus. Tales and legends of all that is unholy are whispered around pub tables and campfires. Frightening occurrances are unexplained, deaths increase, and the Asylum of Mental Health and Research is filled to capacity during this time. A tradition occurs the last day of the month in hopes of ending the happenings… until the next year.


    Feastfael - Here is where all the food is harvested and the people are prepared for the cool months ahead. They hold large feasts and celebrate the workers, a tradition that has evolved to integrate Etryan, Dwarf and Halfing rituals as well.


    Frostfael - Coldest month of Terminus. Snow and ice are common. Celebrations of family and friends involving baked goods, feasts, and gift giving are the tradition. Near the end of the season, a celebration of global peace is held with the ancient tradition of exchanging gifts to neighbors, friend or foe.