Roundtable #2 Scheduled for Monday at 4pm PDT

  • The next roundtable discussion will be held at 4pm PDT this coming Monday (March 10th). Remember that clocks change from Standard Time to Daylight Time on Sunday.


    The roundtable will once again be streamed through the Rob and Dan Show where anyone will be able to tune in to watch the discussion. Only supporters and apprentice developers with access to our private chat channel, however, will be able to participate in the show's discussion.


    The topic for Roundtable #2 is something we know our community feels pretty passionately about, since it was the most viewed and replied to topic in the Think Tank so far. The topic: Should there be rare spawns and long camps?


    Salim, Ben and Corey will discuss the topic with Rob and Dan, going over some of the points brought up in the think tank. Then, we'll turn to our chat channel to get more thoughts on the topic before the show is over.


    Hope you can join us Monday!