The Map and Lore of Celestius

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    Celestius is one of the largest and most diverse continents on the world of Terminus. Many of the world's greatest empires have thrived here for three centuries following the first wave of planar collisions. This continent is also known for the ancient ruins of the Celestial Empire that appear in nearly every region as well as in a sundered region called the Wastes. With the second wave of planar collisions erupting upon Terminus and the lost goddess vanished, the lands of Celestius have been thrown into chaos. New forms of magic, new threats both mortal and divine, and old foes emerging in times of opportunity, this is the world fallen now rise upon.


    Regions of Celestius


    The rolling hills and humble thickets of Kingsreach are the home to Humans known as Briggaens. It is from the throne city of Archway that this kingdom defends against the undead foes that they once defeated two centuries before.


    Plains of Triundia
    Megalithic stone formations and mighty guard towers dominate the vast savannah of the Plains of Triundia. Once a wild, yet tranquil, this grassland has become a war ground between invading giants and the Knights of Triundia.


    Humid and rocky, the crumbling steppes of Marata are the homeland of the Maratan Empire, a warrior tribe of Humans that once fought for Triundia, but has since chosen to reclaim former glory as the most powerful army in Celestius.


    The Wastes
    Floating rock, fractured land and endless ruins, this magical wasteland is the remnants of the ancient Celestial Empire and origins of the mythical WarWizards. It is here that Revenant hordes have been called by whispers of Myraxys.


    Bogwash Hills
    With a stench that could drop a thunder rhino, Bogwash Hills is a wretched and mucky territory no Terminusian desires to enter. The hills with their tufts of thorny foliage are barriers to adventurers, but defenses to the goblin tribes that call this home.


    The Falmyrys
    The Falmyrys is a grand forest filled with titanic trees that touch the sky and whose vast roots create a wondrous underworld. Once peaceful, the forest world is now on the brink of war as the alliance between the Etryan nations has been shattered by new opportunities and arcane corruptions.


    Icehammer Steppes
    A land of frozen tundra and icy pines, the Icehammer Steppes is a harsh frozen land where only the strong survive. It is here that the Ogre god Djrodn has arrived to unite his warring clans or crush them under his merciless maul.


    Frostfael Peaks
    The divine realm of the frost giant pantheon forged the coldest region on Celestius, the mountain range of Frostfael Peaks. Magical in nature, these peaks are unimaginable and often defy mortal logic.


    Strontian Mountains
    Boasting the longest mountain range in Celestius as well as the richest, the Strontian Mountains are the kingdom of the dwarves. The natural defenses and master engineering of the dwarves has kept this realm safe until a new threat arrived from below.


    Dead Ridges
    Dead Ridges is a massive grave-land where thousands of tombs and vast mausoleums have been carved into its steep cliffs. This haunted land once was claimed by a Revenant nation that has since collapsed into crusading hordes.


    This was once a part of the grand Falmyrys until the dragon armies of Skyfen set it ablaze with an arcane fire that turned the emerald to black. But the Halflings and their superior agrarian talents arrived to seed new life, creating a vibrant realm within the charred husks of titanic trees.


    Desert of A’Moka
    Badlands, shifting sands and endless dunes: the expansive and arcane Desert of A’Moka has long been the refuge of the mystical Ethosians. With the new planar collisions came new foes and the so the invasion of the orc empire began here from isles afar.


    Skyfen Mountains
    The volcanic peaks of Skyfen Mountains dominate the skies of all of Terminus. This infernal realm would sear the flesh off most mortals, but has remained the homeland for dragonkin and other magical beings.