Creature Feature: The Goblin

  • Summary

    Origin World: U’Ka
    Current Homeland: Bogwash Hills
    Pantheon: The Totem
    Language: Gobbish


    Over the hills of Marata, north of the Falmyrys where the Etryan dwell, lies the mucky expanse of the Bogwash Hills. It’s here in this lazy fen of humidity and stench that the Goblins of U’Ka made their home. Their sallow green skin spans short bony frames, and their dark, beady eyes bore into everything they look at - almost as if they can look past the surface to see the treasure within. Nimble fingers wield spears and axes well, but have a dual purpose. The Goblins are burglars, master pickpockets, a talent that serves a penchant for all things shiny. Many of their actions are reactions, for their small stature is home to equally small brains with singular focus - to obtain treasures regardless the cost, even if that means their own life. Goblins are rarely found alone. Not only is there safety in numbers, but also treasures are easier carried away by a horde. Their sense of pride extends to what it means to be Goblin. Those who are misshapen or too weak are discarded. The Goblin thoroughbred is frightfully exacting. Approach them with caution and if you have something to offer they will gladly bargain, but be wary of offering them something dull.



    Even in a world overflowing with peculiarity, there is something off about the Goblins and this, most assuredly, is related to their origins--a subject their primitive minds have long purged. The history of the Goblins is not recorded in any conventional sense. They have no desire to record their past unless there is a reward, shiny and rare, for doing so. What little history that has been garnered was procured by brave anthropologists from the Athenaeum of Arcana and Auxiliaries, 8 out of 10 of which were eaten by their omnivorous subjects. They hail from a world they call U’Ka, a dilapidated realm whose advanced civilization was based upon arcane science. Unfortunately, that wondrous society became extinct and its people lost to a catastrophe brought about by their inquisitive nature and lack of respect for the arcane laws. From unknown regions, the dimwitted Goblins moved into the charred, half buried ruins of that defunct utopia, an ironic twist of fate. All this was deciphered in the artifacts of the territory known as Bogwash Hills, a swampland from the world of U’Ka that the many Goblin tribes have fiercely defended. There within the murky hills goblin tribes lurk in patchwork dens, praising their gods depicted on their totems found throughout. Thankfully for them, their relocated homeland is a horrid smelling and pest infested bog that the other races of Celestius would rather avoid. However, there are most likely arcane relics buried deep in the mire, possibly even sunken ruins that would reveal the truth behind the origins of the goblin tribes of Terminus.



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