Roundtable Discussion Scheduled for Today

  • Come join Brad, Salim, Ben and of course, Rob & Dan for our first Weekly Roundtable!


    For the premiere of many upcoming roundtables, we'll be discussing last week's move to the new site and the plans for Pantheon going forward. But more than just talk amongst ourselves, we want to have our supporters and apprentice developers involved in the discussion.


    So, if you are a supporter or apprentice dev, head on over to the chat room at 4pm PST (5 MST, 6 CST, 7 EST) and come hang out with us. We'll be fielding topics and questions from that channel while the discussion is streamed live through The Rob and Dan Show. All are welcome to watch the show today, but only supporters and apprentice developers will have their questions and comments fielded during the roundtable.


    Talk to you then!