Tuesday's Dev Meeting Recap (with pics!)

  • Prior to the end of the Kickstarter, we had begun plans on this website and getting it out to the public as soon as the Kickstarter would end. Mission accomplished! But there was a lot to go over, not just about the website, but about actual design and plans moving forward now that we could start putting some funds into Pantheon. So a team-wide meeting was called for Tuesday of this week. The entire team met up in Brad's garage. While many were local, some drove six hours, and others cashed in on frequent flyer miles and flew in. Soon enough, the whole team was together face-to-face once again.



    Brad kicked things off with a recap of the Kickstarter events and a brief overview of plans to keep moving forward. In the pic above (clockwise from left to right): Ben (Director of Communications) [BenD], Chris (Legal & Financial counsel), Tom (Business & Technology) [Wryshu], Corey (Designer) [Ceythos], Jason (Lead Programmer), Vu (Senior Artist) [WickedStorm], Salim in the back with the hat (Director of Development) [Silius], Todd (Sound and Business), James in the red shirt (Art Director), Tony (Content Lead) [Vhalen], Mac (Artist) and of course Brad (Chief Creative Officer) [Aradune] is behind James.



    Tom then stepped up to go over website stuffs and some of the business planning. The focus of this portion of the meeting was to keep the team up-to-date on the features of the website and build plans on how we can improve on the communication flow between developer and community. In the pic above: Tom and Ben



    A brief interlude where Noel expresses some excitement. Above, left to right: Tony, Tom, Ben, Chris, James, Vu, Jason [Ikikgud], Noel [Illucide], Salim



    In the next segment of the meeting, Salim discussed production. He paired off team members to work on specific parts of the game, from game features to world design. Prior to this, the team had been working independently from their homes, with a broad scope of what needed to be done. Now, due to the help from you, the supporters, Salim is now able to task specific components of the game development and set defined schedules. In the pic above, clockwise left to right: Vu, Salim playing Flappy Bird, Jason.


    Many other topics were discussed during the meeting, from design, to production, to merchandising, to support and more. To finish things off, Brad spoke to each team member one-on-one to touch base on their action list for the next few months. There was some talk about ordering sushi, but in the end pizza was brought in and demolished. Noel and Mac reminded us that pizza > sushi for development meetings.