Introducing the Crystal Tower


    The Crystal Tower

    “The Spire of Frostfael”
    Location: The Endless (The Endless Ice)
    Creator: Arctys


    Deep beyond the frozen horizon of northern ice known as the Endless is said to rest a mystical spire called the Crystal Tower. Arctys, the renegade god of frost is said to have used his own icy blood to form this gleaming sanctuary. It is here he is rumored to hide… far from the madness of men, yet steeped in his own insanities that drove him to flee the divine pantheon of the Etryan. High upon the frozen ramparts Arctys sends his minions in flight to seek relics that might help him escape the world of Terminus. Tales tell of mages and explorers that sought his knowledge and power, bestowing him gifts of arcane grandeur, but only to become members of his icy menagerie.