The Pantheon Team Meets Today

  • Today the team of Visionary Realms, Inc. are meeting together once again in an important production planning meeting. Although we meet and discuss items regularly through telecommunications prior to our acquisition of office space, today's meeting will be held face-to-face with all team members to further discuss our current situation and further strategize plans moving forward. All team members will be tasked with their specific projects to advance Pantheon along its development phase.


    We've received a lot of great suggestions and feedback from the community since the launch of this development portal and we want to begin working on some of those ideas. Other items have already begun development and we will be working on their final schedules.


    We'll have lots of updates for you from the meeting and will post the key points from the meeting for you throughout the week.


    Thanks again for your support in making this phase of development happen. Lots of very exciting things coming up! More coming from us soon!