Introducing The Summoner

  • Role: Utility/DPS

    Style: Manipulator of the elements. Master of conjuring. The Summoner is a diverse support class and capable of high damage through use of nukes, dots and a strong focus on pets.


    • Primal Mage: Specialist in elemental Damage over Time spells. Capable of creating a wide library of crafted elemental versions of enemy creatures.
    • Elementalist: Direct damage is their focus. As they grow in power so does their companion: a sentient core of magic that can be shaped into a customizable juggernaut.

    Summoners are masters of reaching through the dimensional rifts to pull items from other worlds into existence or create a portal allow you to travel long distances in a flash. Able to summon many things ranging from provisions to weapons, Summoners can be mobile resource centers. But they can do more than that. Summoners are manipulators of the elements giving them the ability to create elemental copies of creatures in the world or shape the body of a sentient magical core. A summoner and his or her pets are powerful foes whose versatility ensure they are always ready to go.

    Primal Mage: The Primal Mage uses an assortment of elemental combinations to deliver a steady flow of damage over time to their enemies. A collector of sorts, the Primal Mage uses elemental prisms to absorb the elemental energy of their foes. With this they are capable of creating elemental doppelgangers that will become more valuable the more the summoner uses them. It is even said that these magical beings can evolve when they become powerful enough. Only so many of these doppelgangers can be carried around with the Primal Mage so it is important that they pick the right doppelgangers for whatever adventure they are going on at that time. Controlling these creatures takes practice but the most powerful Primal Mages have been seen with up to three creatures by their side at a time. Collecting essences is only a part of what the Primal Mage does. Through their study of the alchemical arts the Primal Mage has learned how to fuse magics allowing them to mix their doppelgangers together to produce more powerful versions.

    Elementalist: The Elementalist can harness and focus the powers of the elements to deliver critical strikes of damage. Their attunement with the elements has given them the ability to find concentrations of elemental power that has gained sentience. This core bonds with the Elementalist and it is through this bond that they gain the ability to manipulate objects, giving them a body. This body can be molded and shaped by the Elementalist as their bond grows stronger, allowing them to help the core grow from a whirling tornado of items to a juggernaut-like creature whose arms, legs and head can be modified, changing the powers they can use. Building and attaching various body parts allow the Elementalist to customize their companion. In combat this powerful construct wreaks havoc on the Elementalist’s enemies and when things get rough they can link with each other, allowing them to cast spells in tandem, duplicating the power of the Elementalist.

  • Ahwey
    Ahwey Don't think I have ever played a pet class in an MMO but this sounds like there are many unique enough ideas that I might give it a try.
    February 20, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • Khabarakh
    Khabarakh Hooray, back to my roots. Will so be going Elementalist.
    February 23, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • Lagencie
    Lagencie AHHH My class - cant wait to finally get my hands on this beauty - gogo release the pre alpha
    February 28, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • anomander
    anomander This is probably the class at the moment that piques my interest the most.
    February 28, 2014