Developer Round Table - 2.28.15 Part 2

  • Pantheon Community,


    It is with great pleasure that we release Part 2 of our Developer Round Table!

    I had the honour of speaking with the team and asking them your questions, we had really good discussions on multiple topics that I think you will all enjoy a lot. We had a few extra members of the team join us for the Developer Round Table this time around so I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you all!


    You can check out the 35 minute long audio here: Developer Round Table 2.28.15 – Part 2


    Speakers in order of appearance:


    Ben (Kilsin) Walters (reading/asking the questions)

    Brad (Aradune) McQuaid

    Chris (Joppa) Perkins

    Justin (Istuulamae) Gerhart


    Pantheon Team

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