Pantheon Store has been removed

  • Pantheon Community,


    Please be advised that we have removed the Pantheon store, the reasons behind this decisions were well discussed by the team and we feel that the store is not part of our vision for this site, especially at this early stage of Pantheons development cycle and we also feel the store was in need of a re-design and reevaluation of products sold if it were to be brought back online in the future, so based on those points the store has been removed.

    We will however honour any purchases made from the store, so do not worry if you have purchased an item or pledge from the store, we will continue to honour those purchases. We will not however sell anything that could be mistaken for giving a player an advantage, so if we decide to bring the store back online or create a new one in the future, it will only stock Pantheon merchandise and fluff items that supporters can enjoy, no item sold will contain stats or any type of advantage over other players.

    If you have any questions or concerns over items that you have already purchased, please do not hesitate to send me or another team member a Private Message (PM) as we are more than happy to help you.

    I would also ask that you please refrain from creating a new thread about this news, as the decision is final and we are not currently taking any feedback on the matter, please refer all questions to a team member.

    Thank you for the continued support!

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  • Beerdy
    Beerdy The more I look for the new T-shirt "Pantheon goes live today!"
    February 8, 2015
  • Gawd
    Gawd stil waiting for another way to make 1 time donations that add to my pledge level.
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