New Video Released!

  • New video is up!  Come check it out! :)  Thanks to Chris and the entire Pantheon team for all their hard work.  

    Click Here!


    Don't forget to set the res to 1080p.



    This update video shows our latest developmental progress over the month of November (2014), including:


    - Database-driven NPC population
    - Full Client/Server Implementation (no peer-to-peer)
    - Particle effects, updated animations, targeting reticles
    - New Spells & Abilities
    - Basic Character Skills & Advancement (in-progress)
    - New Player Characters, NPCs, Flying NPCs
    - NPC AI & Pathing Improvements (in-progress)
    - New zones
    - Combat and exploration
    - Functioning Inventory, Item Inspection & Corpse Looting
    - UI Advancements & Character Sheet
    - Original music, atmospheres and sound effects.
    - And much more...