• Hello all,


    I am pleased to announce the promotion of Chris ‘Joppa’ Perkins to Associate Producer on the Pantheon team, placing him in charge of Lore, web site moderation and community, and audio/video. He and I have been reading the boards and talking a lot as of late, and I believe he has some great plans to connect us (the internal team) with you (the external team and community) better and more effectively. I also think he has shown by his posts that he can help turn negativity into positivity and that he truly has a humble spirit. I’ve also talked with him quite a bit about lore, the game’s mythology and epic legends and history, and we are very much on the same page. I’m really excited about his ideas and plans, although I leave it to him to let you guys know what and in which order – I don’t want to spoil anything.


    So, a huge thank you to Chris for stepping up to this, a commitment that will take a lot of his day. And also a huge thank you to you, the community, for sticking with us. We have had, and still do have, minimal resources, and it has been my call to direct the majority of those resources to the actual development of the game. Chris has brought to light and made a commitment to me and the team that he feels we can both reach out to the community better and also effectively move this project forward, with demonstrable and measurable progress, and that doing a great job in both areas is not mutually exclusive.


    Although, of course, to do this, he will also need your help, support, and confidence – please do give it to him.








    To the Pantheon Community,


    It is an honor and a privilege to be trusted with these roles. I want to say thank you to Brad and the Development Team for their affirmation and support as I step into them.


    I also want to thank all of you, our community, for your support – the way you've stuck with us through so much. I could try and put words together to describe the journey of these last nine months, and how difficult and disillusioning it has been for many at times. But if I'm going to say anything, I would want the mark of my tenure to be moving us and focusing us forward. There is a community here who is eager to be known and interacted with. There is unbelievably rich Lore and legend to create, expand, deepen and refine. There is a world of music to write and sounds to be designed. There is an incredible game to be made and I hope all of you will join me in moving forward with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


    Thank you, truly.


    Chris (Joppa) Perkins