The T'Jinn (The Bound)

  • Living Arcana 
    Origin World: Terminus 
    Current Homeland: None 
    Pantheon: Nexus 
    Language: Arcana 
    Classes: TBD

    The Bound: that is the existence of the magical entities called the T’Jinn. These beings are magic given sentience. Their bodies are composed of arcane particles with an incorporeal humanoid form. They often don complex arcane armor to help contain the magical forces imbued within them, forces that can sometimes create adverse effects to those around them. By the same powers that destroyed and rebuilt the universe, the T’Jinn were given life. At the core of Terminus, arcane forces coalesced with the spirits of the defunct race that once ruled the surface world. What evolved over eons were the seeds of the T’jinn, crystals called Sparks. Within each of these gems was a T’jinn waiting to be released. It would be mages of the Gnomes and the Ethosians who unlocked the T’jinn. Finding the arcane race to possess arcane powers and properties unlike any other race, the mages bound the T’jinn into service. They remained rare servants, genies some call them, to the great mages until recent years gave them freedom. The goddess Nexus, sensing the remnants of her defunct followers, the Celestials, broke the spells of binding and liberated all T’jinn. The magic race is few in numbers, but they have begun a crusade to locate other Sparks with dormant kin and eventually together they may forge the foundation of a T’jinn society.