The Vrilaska (The Lost)

  • Reptilian Warlords 
    Origin World: Vril 
    Current Homeland: Lost Lake (Rumored) 
    Pantheon: TBA
    Language: Vril 
    Classes: TBA

    The Lost: that is the Vrilaska, a reptilian humanoid race that walked Terminus in the early days following the Planar Collisions. These were amphibious warriors of great agility and strength. Their martial talents extended far beyond their cast iron weapons, often wielding their tails and talons just as effectively. A spiritualistic race, they paid homage to their ancestors and often communed with them for guidance. The Vrilaska on Terminus were some of the earliest to arrive and the first to become lost. Their small world was one of mangrove and marsh, the land they called the Spirit Marsh. It was a grave realm, a vast tract of land devoted to the fallen Vrilaska. Filled with towering monuments and mausoleums, the land was well defended, a sign of their reverence to their ancestors and the spirit gods they worshipped. Towards the end of the Cataclysmic Era, a massive quake swallowed the Spirit Marsh and covered it with a deadly abyss of cursed water. No Vrilaska was seen for centuries, but with the second wave of planar collisions, rumors have started to fill the taverns of lizard folk skulking within the Falmyrys. There are even rumors of ships sailing in the thick mist of the Lost Lake that are manned by Vrilaskan pirates who capture and drag down any who dare to venture into their realm. Have new Vrilaskans arrived in new fragments of their origin world or have they always existed as scaled overlords of the Lost Lake abyss?