6/27 Follow-up Update!

  • Game update 6/27: Things are proceeding very well. We now have a world server running all of the time and two zone servers. And you can zone from an outdoor area into a dungeon/cave. The lore team is also hard at work on a world map. We've also started to code the windows tool that will allow game designers to create NPCs, items, encounter tables, quests, etc. I am very happy with the progress this team is making!

    The character animations are MUCH better than as depicted in the last movie, but we still want to do a little tidying up. We should have another movie for you all by end of next week, hopefully sooner. In the meantime please enjoy a new bunch of screenshots showing both outdoors and the dungeon/cave.


    NOTE:  these were posted on this site earlier, but you can see higher resolution versions on our FB page -- please check them out!


    Facebook Pics