Work-in-progress Video, 6/17/14.

  • We will be uploading videos here every 1-2 weeks showing the community the progress we are making.  These videos are not made to look spectacular, but rather to show functionality and to keep the community informed as to the measurable forward progress we are making.  This video in particular shows that we now have true Client/Server code working.  You can create an account, select a character, and log into the server.  Once in-game you can see and talk to other players. 


    Earlier videos showed a client authoritative model, whereas as of this milestone, we have true client/server MMO code, where the server is logging you into a zone and handling movement, while the client also extrapolates movement.  Also working is time-of-day (although it’s sped up right now).  John Diasparra made the music and the environment and Branden Snowberger did the majority of coding to get us to this point.



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