The Shaman

  • “Don’t aspire to ascend. The gods are cursed with immortality. They are the servants of paradise.” – Moda Khutar, High Priest of the Temple of A’Naza.

    Role: Healer/Debuffer/Support

    Style: Master of the spirits. Buffs, slows, paralyzing, disenchants; the Shaman is a versatile class, using the spirits to perform a wide variety of actions.


    • Ritualist: Perform ritualistic dances and chants to summon the spirits, command them to perform various actions against your foes. Use your idolistic doll to cripple the enemy or let the spirits shape it to their will.
    • Spirit Warden: Bonds with a totemic spirit and uses their spirit energy to enhance their abilities to buff their group while poisoning their enemies. Martial fighters, they prefer to use blunt two handed weapons but can be very effective with one.

    The Shaman is a disciple of ancient mysticism that uses his powers to call upon spiritual forces. Residing within a planar realm called the Spiritual Arcana are the spirits of the dead and the energy they emanate. By following the techniques of Ethosian priests, Shamans can interact with spirits and syphon their energies to bolster their own powers. To the Shaman, death is not feared. It is a natural course all must take. Immortality is what they fear. 

    Often referred to as the speakers of the spirit world, Shamans are extremely versatile in what they can do. Spirit energy is a force to be reckoned with and by using it the Shaman can force a variety of miasmas on their opponents, stitch up the wounded, breath cursed life into tiny dolls, or enhance their abilities with raw spirit energy. While the spirit realm grants the Shaman power never assume they cannot handle themselves without it. Formidable at almost every level the Shaman is a spiritual jack of many trades whose mastery of the spirits is second to none.

    Ritualist: The Ritualist is known as a servant of the spirit lords. At the rear of the party, the Ritualist carves markings into the ground with their tribal staff, performing ritualistic dances to summon and command various spirits into the world. The Ritualist carries the bones of their ancestors, whispering to them to communicate with the ancestral spirits beyond the realm allowing them to cast healing rituals on their allies. They have a tether link to spirits. These links and the spirits can only be viewed by the shaman, other shamans and planeshifter rogues. When struck,enemies believe they are being attacked by invisible forces. The spirits heed to the command of the Ritualist, giving them the ability to curse their enemies by reaching into their souls and removing enchantments placed upon them, slowing their movements, or causing them to go berserk mistaking their allies as enemies. A Ritualist commonly carries an idolistic doll in hand. If a Ritualist can obtain a piece of the enemy, such as a strand of hair, they can bind it with the doll and use it to inflict pain or paralyze them. There have been cases where the Ritualist will toss the doll into the battlefield letting the spirits possess it, becoming an avatar under the spirits control. They may expand the size of the doll and turn it into a berserking golem, hex those around it causing them to panic, or cause the doll to shatter into many small dolls that swarm the enemy. Who knows what the spirits have in store?

    Spirit Warden: Spirit Wardens have given up the ritualistic side of their discipline and have become more in tune with the less chaotic side of the spirits. Each Spirit Warden chooses a companion spirit to follow early in their development and as they grow in power so do their companions. Fighting together the Spirit Warden can take advantage of openings created by his companions allowing him to take advantage of his targets. Companions generate spirit energy while fighting and consume energy from the fallen. This energy can be used by the spirit warden to enhance his abilities unlocking new effects like group wide haste or transferring their targets vitae to the group for a short regen. While able to do good physical damage Spirit Wardens rely heavily on poisons to whittle their opponents down.

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