The Gnome

  • Secretive Sorcerers 
    Origin World: Aruska 
    Current Homeland: Skyfen Mountains 
    Pantheon: Trove Lords 
    Language: Arcana 
    Classes: TBA

    The Gnomes are a diminutive enchanted race who place their arcane desires above all else. Their race was born of magic and their bodies imbued with subtle arcane forces that emanate in the environment surrounding them. To the Gnome, magic is life. It is the foundation of all. It is the blueprint to the universe. Their affinity for magic has led them to be one of the more proficient crafters of magical items and allowed them to unlock the arcane potential of even the most mundane of items. However, that symbiotic relationship between Gnome and magic has slightly rattled their brains, leaving these tiny sorcerers a bit barmy. Most who encounter them find them somewhat loony and sometimes impish. If not for their superior arcane talents, they might be unwelcome in many villages. But a little madness is worth the magical prowess Gnomes offer. It is believed that it is a touch of this madness that drives them to secrecy, often hoarding magic items and rarely sharing the greatest of their knowledge. When not travelling through foreign lands in search of arcane secrets and enchantment gems, the Gnomes prefer the refuge of their hidden cities called troves. With their passion for enchanting objects, nearly everything in their world has some arcane function. When Dwarf miners discovered the first subterranean Gnome city, it was like hitting the treasure trove of a lich-king. Hence, the name trove stuck and even the Gnomes agree with it. They are extremely inquisitive and the many worlds of Terminus offer them a perfect arcane playground. Preferring to keep a neutral stance on diplomacy, they have forged secret alliances with every empire on Terminus for the sake of arcane acquisitions. Their innate desire for all things magic has driven some Gnomes to become adventurers, plying their magical trade for mercenary desires.

    Gnomes originated on the arcane world called Aruska. This world was imbued with nearly as many magical forces found on Terminus. On that world of magic there were no supreme beings looking down from divine planes. This led the Gnomes to create their own gods, something that they have also done upon their arrival on Terminus. The Gnomes were quick to discover the existence of the Planes of Arcana, while most other races struggled to survive the great Cataclysmic Era. Tapping into these forces, their troves thrived and new gods they called Trove Lords rose to power. Not truly deities, these powerful leaders represented one of each of the magical planes that held fast the fabric of reality. But the greed of the Gnomes soon led them to seek magic secrets within the fragments of the other realms that had appeared on Terminus. Although they long concealed their existence for nearly two centuries, the Gnomes began a campaign to steal the greatest magical items and secrets from other civilizations. They did so in secrecy, employing rare arts such as teleportation to rob the vaults and towers of others. (This led to many myths of mischievous fairies and gremlins.) But ones that could rival their own powers soon discovered the Gnomes. The Ethosians, a mystical tribe of the Human race, had discovered a trove and the existence of the Gnomes. Conflict soon arose with the Gnomes wishing to remain hidden and mysterious. The Ethosians, ever inquisitive with arcane matters, ignored their wishes and plundered their troves. This led to a secret war between the Ethosians and the Gnomes. Although the Arcane War was short compared to most, with the superior arcane prowess of both participants, much devastation was had. Following on the heels of that arcane conflict, the Gnomes destroyed all known troves, leaving them as empty ruins that arcane scholars still seek today. Where the Gnomes created their new troves is unknown. Even the Gnomes unlucky enough to be left behind are unable to find their way home. This has left a small (no pun intended) population of Gnomes to live amongst the other civilizations as arcane scholars, artisans and adventurers.

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