The Halfling

  • Cunning Craftsmen 
    Origin World: Dohmchanta 
    Current Homeland: The Blackwoods 
    Pantheon: Ryn’Etryas (The Eternal Rings) 
    Language: Dohma 
    Classes: TBA

    The Halflings are stubby humanoid race with a preference for domestic tranquility rather than high adventure. Being a small race in a dangerous world, they have honed their skills of stealth and acrobatics to hide from or evade threats. Most would consider the humble looking humanoids nothing more than helpless children with the prowess to match, but that would be far from the truth of the agile Halflings. Their powerful legs and tactical spryness make them difficult targets to strike. The Halfling settlements are built into and onto the forest realm they live within to help conceal their presence from wandering giants and soaring dragons. Their communities are agrarian and they specialize in unique crops that only exist within the shaded fields of their villages. They are perhaps the most resourceful race, learning to craft superior goods from meager environments. Their skills with the needle and whittling blade have developed fine bows, leading them to become excellent archers. They are a gracious folk, welcoming to all; even a clumsy Ogre, if his temper has been tamed. It is rare to encounter Halflings outside of their towns, but when they are, it is often as a guide to adventure or thief to your purse.

    The Halflings originated on a world called Dohmchanta, a relatively peaceful place with nearly no history of war. They had no actual contact with their sole deity, Cailloc the Mother of All. When a chunk of their world was magically relocated to Terminus, the Mother of All made her grand appearance before her reverent followers. The Halflings believed she came to deliver them from their cataclysmic predicament. They were extremely mistaken. Cailloc was angered and her truth was revealed. The tranquility of Dohmchanta fueled the beauty of her divine garden, a realm she wished to walk alone. Now separated from her eternal garden, the exposed witch hoped to steal the fragment of Dohmchanta for herself. With the last of her godly power she cast her followers to the winds of Terminus, either caring little that she would no longer be a god or oblivious to the fact. Many Halflings perished, but survivors did find their way to the continent of Celestius. With both Mother and world lost, the Halflings began a long search for a new homeland. What they encountered on Celestius was a world of worlds far more dangerous than the worst Dohmchanta had to offer. Surviving trials and attrition, they came to find a withering piece of unusually shaded woodland that seemed to be ignored or undiscovered. There in the Blackwoods the Halflings used their unique agrarian talents to give new life to dying woodlands and forged a refuge they named Hollowdown. It was not soon after that the Fal’Etryan (Wood Elves) discovered the beauty this stubby folk brought to a realm though dead. Finding that both races shared a reverence for nature, the two began a strong alliance. So strong is that alliance that the Etryan gods ascended a Halfling champion into their divine circle they call the Ryn’Etryas. As for their former Mother of All, the witch Cailloc and the fragment of Dohmchanta have never been seen again, but are surely lurking out in the unknown of Terminus.

    The Halfing is currently a stretch goal.