WarWizards & Gameplay

  • -- work in progress --

    1. The player will encounter WarWizards, usually on an epic-level quest.  They will assist the WarWizard, and the WarWizard may assist them in certain battles.


    2. In some epic-level quests, the player's character will temporarily (so as not to cause a balance problem) be able to assume the abilities of a WarWizard and access spells and abilities usually not accessible by that character's class.

  • Max63
    Max63 Wow, I like this addition to the game! I look forward to seeing it in action once you get the game going.
    May 21, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • BlueEyedGator
    BlueEyedGator I really like this idea! I most often favor rogues and do sometimes miss being able to use magic. This would give me the best of both worlds, at least temporarily.
    May 21, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • Thorgador
    Thorgador Will be such encounters use your old WarWizards game UI?
    May 21, 2014 - 1 likes this