Zone Layout / Zone Types

  • --- work in progress --- 


    City 14

    Dungeon 13

    Outdoor 28

    More likely for Pantheon, far fewer cities and more dungeons:

    City 4

    Dungeon 23

    Outdoor 28

    Allow people to teleport from city to city to keep friends together.  No more "your friend chooses one race, you choose the other, and it's relatively impossible for you to get together".


    Also considering no KOS in the 2-4 cities.  Basically, you can be a good ogre or an evil human, but most of the playable races got together long ago to stand strong against the god-kings and the newer NPC races that have appeared on Terminus due to the planar collisions.


  • Sarim
    Sarim I like the focus on dungeon and outdoor zones. However I'm not too happy with making all the cities/races friendly (non KOS). Wouldn't this throw out a lot of the so far known lore? Then again, I would be very much for an evolving world where faction...  more
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  • Sevens
    Sevens Yeah, I dont care for the non-kos cities...I want faction to matter! Now maybe if a starting char was faction neutral to each city but as they adventure / spend time in the city they actually decide to start in the faction with that city rises and others...  more
    May 29, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • CanadinaXegony
    CanadinaXegony Here's a question: Will we start out with Non-Kos and then once more shard collisions happen etc, will there be takeovers of cities..(npc not pvp) and then the faction starts to matter? I think EQ did the faction right, it made the whole world...  more
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  • Nirrtix
    Nirrtix I hope that factions will matter to some degree in the game. Factions mattering in the cities is not a big deal if they have a purpose in the world for quests and vendor towns.
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