Multi-colored Mana

  • some notes/brainstorming:


    1. Each archetype would primarily use a particular mana color; clerics and crusaders would be white; arcane magic red; etc.


    2. There would be special prayers and spells one could find that might use a different color or combination of colors.  For example, a cleric unearths the prayer of an ancient long-dead hero-priest that actually does some damage that would normally be more akin to arcane magic (like a wizard).  Perhaps he needs red mana to cast it, or perhaps a color not already normally used (say, purple).  To generate that mana he has to hold a special sphere of glass in his left hand, whereas his normal white mana pool always fills slowly, over time like any other MMO.  


    3. This could also tie into symbiotic magic, where more than one character is necessary to cast a spell.  The spell could have multiple mana types necessary to cast.


    4. One question would be, could we share a minority of spells?  In other words, that damage dealing red mana spell that the Cleric found, along with the ability to accumulate red mana.... can a wizard also cas tthe same spell?  Do we cross the streams?  It would be harder to balance, but could be really interesting as well.


    5. Could one class find a spell that takes more than one color to cast?  I think this would be cool as long as it's the exception, not the rule.

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    CanadinaXegony interesting ideas.
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