What should we care about most?

  • This is from a thread -- I thought it was worth putting here too:

    One member said, in regards to the screenshots:

    Looking at some of the uber cartoony look it made me wonder. Why not beat Blizzard at their own game? Make a great MMO but graphically go with that cartoony look. Everyone is going for hyper realism and Pantheon is looking like just another copy. There could new ground going counter to what everyone else is doing. Even EQNext looks more Warcraft ish in their graphics and not going with they hyper realism. 

    Just a thought.


    First, we all want our MMOs to look good.  That's a given.  That said, this is my read on the future:  it's all about gameplay.  What will set Pantheon apart are not the latest and greatest graphics (Unity is great, but we could have used Unreal 4 or something, spent a year making it MMO compatible, and then probably used the latest and greatest tech.  Thing is, we did that with Vanguard and it bit us in the ass).  What's going to set MMOs apart in the future is HOW THEY PLAY.  Pantheon's focus is on adventure, exploration, and combat.  If the world is compelling to explore, then we will have achieved one part of the puzzle.  If the combat and adventure is more involved, more fun, more advanced, etc. than other MMOs, then we will have achieved the other part of the puzzle.  I really don't care if the game right now (pre-pre-alpha) is looking like ESO. The UI?  This is pre-pre-alpha.  The UI will change CONSIDERABLY.  The end result, the style of the game, you are seeing just the beginning of.  But what it will be truly judged on is gameplay.  Players don't want eye candy and then find out the game sucks.  This happens too often (especially with console games).  They want a game that grabs hold of them, that becomes a home, that they find themselves playing year after year.  That's what we're going after.


    Revealing these screenshots and movie is a risk.  Some who are looking for eye candy and the latest tech will be disappointed. But those people, espeically those who helped fund this prototype/demo, deserve to see the work we accomplished.  Well, now it's out there (although I want to do a more polished movie #2).  It's plainly obvious that we were making a game, not a graphics demo.  While you can see the art get better and better with newer builds, and also with less unity store assets, the important thing to notice is the gameplay, specifically the combat system.  The first iteration of it was in right away -- you can see that in the earliest builds.  You can see it evolve.  You can see it become more robust.  Pantheon is a game in-progress, not vaporware, and not a graphics demo.  


  • Azraell
    Azraell Same as Max63 played wow 2 hours later i un installed it. Couldn't take the graphics felt like i was playing a disney mmo. Just too cartoonish to me.
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  • Multisync
    Multisync One of my all time favorite zones ever in EQ was RunnyEye, the goblin banter was great, the little messages you got as you ventured in was even better. Games are missing that now and I would love to see that back in this game.
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  • BlueEyedGator
    BlueEyedGator I don't know if I'm an anomaly or what, but as a predominately console gamer, I think we are not giving console gamers enough credit. Sure they like the quick fix and there are the ever present flamer fanboy wars, but there are some, like me who WANT to...  more
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  • Multisync
    Multisync I am there with you all the way Blue, that's why I mentioned RunnyEye as my fav zone to play in, I died in there so many times on my shaman back in 1999-2000 that in the end when a very sweet cleric stopped to help me I think she res'd me around 40 times...  more
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